Pre 3.0.4


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March 21, 2023 at 6:17 AM
AspiredMC Op Factions Pre 3.0.4
  • Added Custom Sets + Crafting/Obtaining
  • Fixed Major Bugs and crashes
  • Added 3 Bosses
  • Added New Ces For Stuff with 3.0.4 (Bosses)
  • Added Executive Mine
  • Revamped Mines to have a collection System and new rewards (like relics and more odd)
  • Added New Ultimate Mine
  • Buffed Vote Rewards and Vote Partys
New Sets
> Gives a 1.5x Size
> Deals 1.25x Damage
> Gives Passive Gears 5
> When Above 2.5 Blocks away Deal 2x Damage
> When Under 0.5 Blocks away Deal 1.25x Less Damage
> Grants 14+ HP
Grim Reaper
> Has a chance to heal HP when hit (Passive Lifesteal)
> On Critical Hit Deal an Extra 2.3x Damage
> When Below 20% hp take 50% less damage
> Gain 10% more Money From Mining
> Have a 20% Higher Chance to gain Crystals
> Take 25% More Damage
Golden Grinder
Gain 25% More Money From Spawners
> Gives a Boost Based off your Prestige to Spawners
> Take 25% More Damage
> Deal 2x Damage
> Gain 40+ HP
> Heal Randoms Amounts Per Hit
> Deal 1.5x Damage when hitting a Enemy In the back
> When Invisible Deal 1.25x Damage
> Gain 35+ HP

Revamped Mines
Reward System
  • To gain the stuff to craft the new items you now have a chance to get refined Ores at random (any Tier)
    As Well as Some Mystery Boxes
  • Also for those who care i redid the backend to make it easier for mines to work
Collection System
  • Dont want to worry about all these new rewards filling up your inventory?
    Get a Collection Pouch To Store them, BEWARE THEY ARE DROPPED ON DEATH

Hell Reaper
  • The Hell Reaper is a powerful demon from the underworld its self
    This Boss Will hurt and require Strategy and a full team
  • Recomended For 4-12 Players
  • The Loot Will Drop Its Heart, Skull and a few Boss Mystery boxes for the top damagers
Fallen Protector Angel
  • The Fallen Protector Angel was once a powerful Angel Said to protect a valuble Prize
    After They have fallen they still have some of those rewards
  • Recomended For 6-12 Players
  • The Loot WIll Drop Fallen Angel Wings, Scales, and Special Mystery Boxes for the winners
Vengeful Lost Soul
  • The Vengeful Lost Soul was One a player said to be one of the greats, after Dying His Soul Become full of hate and is now Rampaging anyone who dares opose him
    With Much Riches Before, sum must have been taken over with him
  • Recomended For 8-16 Players
  • The Loot Will Drop Armor From Elemental, Grim Reaper and Special Boxes For the Top Damagers